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HOA Disputes

Homeowners association (HOA) members are sometimes damaged by the illegal actions of their neighbors or homeowners association authorities. When this happens, HOA members need legal representation to obtain a favorable resolution and/or compensation. Whether it is a legal matter involving fraudulent disclosures, a failure to disclose defects or disputes within the homeowners association, the Law Office of Michael D. Miller can help.

In Michael’s years as a practicing Arizona attorney, he has represented unit owners, individual board members and construction companies in all manners of HOA disputes with association members, including: • Disputes regarding restrictive covenants • Disputes about common areas such as obstructed view, upkeep and general access • Privacy issues concerning members and their properties • Architectural review issues and disputes • Dues and assessments • Favoritism or other alleged acts of fraud by HOA board members As your attorney, Michael can review the facts pertaining to your case and work to secure rule changes, permission and compensation in the event you are personally damaged.

If you are a member of the homeowners association and could be damaged due to the actions of your neighbors, contact the Law Office of Michael D. Miller today for more information on how we can help you.