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Preparing for Divorce

  • Obtain an email address which is secure and for which only you know the password.Why? Your spouse, especially if he or she is computer literate, can load key-stroke programs which are completely undetected on your computer.

  • Open a new checking account and savings account in your name only and at a different branch.

  • Prepare a list of debts, including account numbers and amounts

  • Five years of federal income tax returns, including W-2s and 1099 forms

  • Paystubs for the past three pay periods including your spouse’s paystubs if you have them

  • Health insurance and premium information, including the cost to insure any minor children

  • If you have a residence, the closing documents if they are available; a copy of the Deed; a payoff on the mortgage note; and, if there is a second, a payoff on the second mortgage.

  • A Certified Market Analysis (CMA) as to the value of the property.

  • Your estimate of the value of the property and a basis for that opinion.

  • Whether you intend to sell the property or keep the property.

  • If you have other real estate holdings, provide the same information.

  • Completed Inventory of Property and Debts form – supplied by attorney.

  • Completed Affidavit of Financial Information form – supplied by attorney.

  • Completed Uniform Interrogatories form – supplied by attorney.

  • Copies of the last six months of checking, savings and 401(K) statements.

  • Copies of the last six months of credit card statements, including the month in which you filed or intend to file.

  • Costs of all daycare expenses.

  • Copies of all emails and text messages from your spouse to you from the time you discussed divorce.

  • If you have already separated, provide the history of the parenting time the two of you have agreed to or have followed.

  • If your spouse has a criminal record, including domestic violence charges, copies of his/her arrest and/or conviction and if you have a criminal record copies of your arrest and/or conviction.