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Many people often mistake dogs, especially pit bulls, for being the perpetrators of animal-related injuries. However, these poor pooches are really just getting a bad reputation. The reality is that animals of all types have unintentionally caused injuries to humans or property. Stock that gets loose from the farm can create hazardous road conditions for drivers and property damage on neighboring lands. Car accidents, broken fences, or bodily injury are all possible. Certainly, the occasional dog bite does happen, but what becomes of a person and their property when any animal causes an injury? That’s where the Law Offices of Michael Miller can help. If you need a Tucson animal injury lawyer, we encourage you to give us a call.

Regardless of the animal that causes the injury or the location of the injury, it is essential to document what happened. Take photos of the property damage and any physical damages to the person, keep financial records of each bill paid to repair the damage or pay the medical provider, and obtain contact information for any witnesses to the incident or damage. If the damages caused are long-term, documentation is even more critical as memories may become unreliable and property conditions change. If the animal passes away as a result of the incident, crucial physical evidence may be lost forever. By keeping track of insurance costs, repair estimates, and medical bills, and by properly documenting the scene of the occurrence, Michael can assist with recouping those financial and proprietary losses.

It is also essential to gather significant facts surrounding the animal that caused the injury. Specifically, Michael will need to know who owns the animal, what type and breed the animal is or was, and if the animal was licensed. If, in fact, the animal was licensed, it is helpful to know if the license was up to date and if the animal had its crucial shots, like rabies or distemper vaccinations. More importantly, Michael will need to know how the animal became free-roaming and if fences and gates are in disrepair near the animal’s home. If the animal became free-roaming, try to decipher who owns the property where the incident occurred. Again, these facts are essential to developing an animal injury case, regardless of the type of animal that caused the injury.

Although all animals can cause injury, it is important to remember that the animal does not have to be one considered “vicious” in nature, or one that shows violent tendencies. While those facts may prove beneficial in some cases, an animal with no propensities to bite, harm, or attack humans can cause the same injuries, or worse injuries, than the animal with those tendencies. Obtaining facts about the animal and its history with people and property can certainly be helpful. Even if this animal has only injured one person, the injury may be significant enough to warrant legal action.

Whether the injuries are to person or property, Michael can help. Animal injuries are not common occurrences, but the damages can be staggering. Don’t let the stress of this event be staggering as well; all the necessary support is right here.

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