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Practice Areas

At the Law Office of Michael D. Miller, we offer a variety of services in several areas of law. We handle cases involving the following:

Personal Injury

A personal injury can diminish the quality of your life as you know it. You shouldn’t have to endure the physical, financial, and emotional costs of an accident you didn’t cause. If you want to take steps towards protecting your rights following an injury you or a loved one have sustained, contact us today.

Family Law

The issues that affect your family are important. Not every attorney is equipped to handle cases involving such an emotional, layered, and intricate area of law. We, however, are well-equipped to help you tackle your most difficult issues with the utmost care.

Real Estate

Whether your dispute concerns a personal asset, investment property, or a project, real estate law is complicated. Disputes are almost always complex and involve your largest assets. This is why these matters require the representation of an experienced real estate attorney who understands how to resolve these disputes by means of either negotiation, mediation, or, if necessary, litigation.