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Tucson Asset Division Lawyer

Dividing assets and property in the wake of a divorce can be frustrating, confusing and frightening. You may worry that you will be cut-off from your retirement savings, pension benefits or other income. You might fear the property you inherited or the business into which you invested your best years could be taken from you overnight. You may lie awake wondering if you will be left penniless after sacrificing a career or other opportunities for a marriage that ultimately failed. Nobody should ever go through such problems alone, and never without a strong legal advocate. Michael is that advocate. As a former investigator, Michael is able to uncover financial evidence that can be extremely effective in a divorce proceeding.

Arizona is an “equitable distribution” state in which property acquired during a marriage must be divided between divorcing spouses in an equitable fashion. Under the law, equitable does not always mean equal. Homes, cars, treasured heirlooms and even marital debts can be apportioned by a court however it sees fit, provided each party receives what it considers an equitable share. A good lawyer can step in to negotiate with the other side, so that you can keep the assets that are most important to you.

Michael specifically advises clients on topics including: division of marital debts; concealment of assets/hidden assets; theft of assets; improper expenditures; unauthorized spending of marital assets; division of retirement, pensions, 401(k)s and IRAs.

If negotiation is not possible, Michael’s years of trial experience will benefit your case. He knows how to prepare cases effectively, and can call upon a forensic accountant, actuary or other expert to aid him in correctly valuing your marital assets or business interests. Michael will argue effectively on your behalf so that your “equitable” property division litigation is, in reality, fair to you.

Is Your Business Separate or Community Property?

When the division of assets includes business property, such as a professional practice, real estate company, bar or restaurant, or retail store, it is important to give careful attention to how the business is valued. Whether a business is a corporation, family business, separate property or community property can make a huge difference in who gets what at the end of a divorce proceeding.

Michael has a long history of helping divorcing spouses throughout the Tucson area protect their assets, get fair business valuations and account for any personal or business assets that may be considered fair game during a divorce.

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