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My divorce has been a painful and emotional process. Michael and Kathy are an amazing team and took the time to listen to my concerns and give an honest evaluation of my situation. They also work tirelessly to resolve as much conflict as possible and always put the well being of the children involved first. Michael is a master at his profession and is kind and thoughtful when dealing with emotional issues.

Special thanks to Kathy, who over this year long process has gone above and beyond in working with me. Together their patience as a team and their compassionate approach to family law make this process go as smoothly as possible with the best possible outcome.

-5-star Google Review

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When a divorcing couple has no children and uncomplicated assets, it is often possible to pursue an “uncontested divorce.” Such divorces can proceed quickly and easily after the filing of necessary paperwork. In any case, the Law Office of Michael D. Miller is happy to serve your Tucson divorce lawyer needs, guiding you through the process and ensuring that you are looked after.

It is a sad statistic but very real – divorce is prevalent in Arizona and the United States and is increasing in frequency. The legal scope of divorce, support, child custody and property division has increased in complexity. For instance, calculating child support is so complicated that a computer program is used to determine the amount. An issue which arises frequently is the separate property component of a residential purchase by one spouse before marriage and paid for after marriage. The answer depends on the facts. Was there a profit? Was there a loss?

When a relationship ends with a divorce, it is best to seek the assistance of a family law attorney who can handle important matters for you. Michael has guided many clients through divorces of varying complexities and has successfully represented clients in various family law cases, including all aspects of divorce, legal decision making authority, parenting time, child custody, child support, paternity actions, spousal support (alimony) and division of personal and business assets. Michael routinely assists clients who need to modify the terms of their spousal support payments, child support and parenting agreements and other important documents.

Divorce, and its aftermath, can be extremely difficult for parting spouses and their children. In addition to the emotional wounds, there are serious and practical considerations regarding how you will divide your assets, when you will see your children, how they will be supported and other issues.

Tucson Divorce Lawyer Services

The Law Office of Michael D. Miller provides a wide range of Tucson divorce lawyer services, guiding you through the process no matter what variables your specific case has. Give us a call at 520-327-3801 to discuss your needs.

Contested Divorce

This is when a divorce requires substantial negotiations, mediation or a trial. Often, divorcing spouses have fundamental disagreements that they cannot easily resolve. In these situations, opposing attorneys may negotiate on their clients’ behalf to find a workable resolution. If settlement is not possible, contested divorces may be resolved by a judge in a divorce court.

Child Custody and Visitation

Michael can help you get parenting time and legal decision making authority (formerly known as sole or joint custody) for your child, establish paternity or even work to terminate parental rights in certain circumstances.


As your lawyer, Michael will help you acquire a parenting time or child support modification based on changing circumstances. Michael can also represent you in an enforcement action if the other side fails in its duty to comply with the requirements of your parenting time arrangement.

Child and Spousal Support

Michael has assisted many parents with their child support and spousal support (alimony) concerns. If you need to know how much child support or spousal support you might have to pay, or how much you could receive, contact Michael for a free consultation who can advocate for payments that work for you.

Property and Business Division

In the wake of a divorce, many people worry about what will happen to their personal assets and their business interests. Michael has extensive experience evaluating assets to determine which are rightfully yours. He can also look for evidence of improper expenditures, hidden assets and other means the other side may be using to cheat you.

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